Stepper Motors

Stepper Motors
Stepper motors are capable of performing high-precision, highly reliable operation without the use of a position sensor. The motor rotates by a given angle each time the current flow to the motor windings is switched through the input of a pulse signal. A new type of stepper, the Alpha Step, is offered in the Motor & Driver Packages. Its features an innovative closed-loop control and a newly developed rotor position-detection system.

Smart Motors
The Alpha Step One is an all-in-one device which consists of a driver, a controller, and a stepping motor.
Motor & Driver Packages
These stepper motor and driver packages deliver optimally matched motors and drivers together to fully realize the performance potential of the stepper motor. These packages can be divided into three types, five-phase stepper motors, two-phase stepper motors, and the newly-developed Alpha Step motors, which do not lose synchronization. A full product line is offered, including the tappered, planetary, and harmonic geared types, high-resolution types, and five-phase microstepping drivers.
2-phase Stepper Motors
Six frame sizes are available in a range from 1.10 in. (28mm) to 3.35 in. (85mm). In addition to the standard type, we offer rare-earth magnetic types for high torque and high inertia capability. There are also high-resolution types (.9' step angle) and geared types. The motor windings also come in various specifications.
Low Speed Synchronous Motors
Synchronous motors can instantly switch between forward and reverse operation. They perform sychronous operation at 72 rpms at 60 Hz. They offer highly precise speed regulation and low-speed rotation. Gearhead models are available.
These indexers are optimized for controlling stepper motors.
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