2-phase Stepper Motors

Six frame sizes are available in a range from 1.10 in. (28mm) to 3.35 in. (85mm). In addition to the standard type, we offer standard P-type (high torque), PV Series (high inertia capability), high-resolution type and SH Geared type. The motor windings also come in various specifications.

Selection Guide: 2-phase Steppers

Offers balanced performance enhanced by high torque, low vibraion and low noise. Widest range of motor sizes and winding specifications.
Larger rotor provides 1.5 times higher torque than standard, 60mm frame steppers.
Smooth rotation at low speeds. Six gear ratios available 3.6:1 to 36:1. Ideal for high inertia.
Rare earth magnets combine high torque and compact size. 28mm to 42mm frame sizes available. Torque is equivalent to next larger size of standard steppers.
Incremental feedback. Resolutions: 200 and 400 pulses/rev.
2-Phase Stepping Motor
TORQUE: 0.26 N-m; CURRENT: 0.2 A/ph; STEP ANGLE: 1.8'; Single Shaft

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