Induction Motors
Induction Motors are optimal for uni-directional continous operation such as a conveyor system.
Reversible Motors
Optimal for bi-directional operation. These are 30-minute rated motors designed for applications where instantaneous reversal of direction is frequently required.
Synchronous Motors
Synchronous motors provide rotation at a fixed speed in synchronization with the frequency of the power source, regardless of fluctuation of the load or line voltage. Synchronous speed is 1800 r/min at 60 Hz.
Torque Motors
Unlike Induction or Reversible motors, Torque motors are designed to provide a stable torque even under stall conditions or at very low speeds.
These gear motors provide watertight and dust-resistant performance that meet IP67 grade.
2-pole High Speed Induction Motors
Capacitor-run, single-phase, lead wire type. 3200 rpms synchronous speed because of their low pole count.
Brake Pack
These brake circuits are used for instantaneous stopping when used with induction motors, reversible motors and electromagnetic motors.
Clutch & Brake Motors
This motor combines a clutch and brake mechanism with an induction motor. It is ideal for high-frequency starting and stopping.
Magnetic Brake
These motors are directly coupled to an AC electromagnetic brake which is activated when power is not applied. When the power source is turned off, the motor stops instantaeously and holds the load.
A gearhead can be used to change motor speed and be used as a torque amplifier.
A wide variety of Oriental Motor's accessories are provided such as Mounting Brackets, Flexible Couplings, Extension cables and more.

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